Event photographer Munich

Events and Celebrations

Event photographer Munich

Events and celebrations are those particular occasions where thorough reporting of all the proceedings is as important as utmost discretion and “invisibility” of the photographer. I will make sure that at your event both these principles are faithfully respected.

My services can be contracted for a wide variety of manifestations, ranging from corporate events, such as annual meetings, award ceremonies, exhibitions, seminars and even banquets, to cultural and entertainment events, such as concerts, festivals and parties.

Individual photo shooting

Prices starting from 350 euro

Beauty is multifaceted. It may be striking or delicate, bold or elegant, shining out from the eyes or hidden between wrinkles, but it remains to be the same, that special something that makes each of us attractive and unique. Individual shootings are meant to outline this personal beauty in each and every client that stands in front of my camera.

Couples and Engagement photo shooting

Prices starting from 350 euro

There are moments in our lives when the only thing we are dreaming of is stopping the time and living that instant forever. Being in love is definitely that kind of a state. And I will be glad and honored to be by your side and shoot “the love in the air” around you.

My main focus is offering you a relaxed and enjoyable shooting in a natural outdoor setting, where you could feel at ease and be yourself, or on-site, in any place that may be particularly meaningful to you. Upon request, I am also delightedly available to join you for a destination shooting in any location in Germany or abroad.

Baby and Family photo shooting

Prices starting from 350 euro

Once in a while we all like to have an amused look at our childhood pictures, the ones our mothers and grannies treasure most and the ones we ourselves start cherishing more and more with the passing of time. Baby and family shootings let you further build the history of your family, and I am there to help you complement your story with new, emotional and unique pieces. Photographing families with children is a very responsible and delicate task, first of all because children do not always like to let strangers into their little worlds. Therefore my primary task is to make them feel at ease and let them enjoy the shooting process. By far my most delicate approach is addressed to newly-born and toddlers, whereby I try not to disturb the baby’s routine and am therefore usually shooting at home, in familiar environment, opting for ambient light.

Photo reports of recent weddings

романтическая свадьба в мюнхене
классическая свадьба
фотограф в мюнхене