Wedding in Munich

A fairytale come true

Wedding in Munich · Nancy and Udo

There comes a moment in life, when all fairytale dreams can come true. It is the time of love, when two hearts find each other and feel they belong together. Enjoy Nancy and Udo’s wedding – a romantic story, which will take you on horseback to the fulfillment of their fairytale.

Registry office: External wedding hall, Mandlstrasse
Shooting location: English Garden
Restaurant: Cadu

Wedding photographer Hofgarten

Professional photographer Munich
Wedding in Munich

Wedding photo session in English garden

Often the English garden in Munich is compared with Hyde Park in London. Only the latter is clearly inferior to its German counterpart in area. English Park was the first in Europe, which was opened to the public. The park has many beautiful buildings and ancient buildings. The most popular is Monoper, for its construction was chosen the Greek style. Monoper has a great panoramic view. The English park is divided into two parts – the lively southern and relatively quiet northern. In the northern part of the garden, you can escape from the bustle of the city and enjoy a peaceful walk. On a warm summer day in the park are walking not only locals, but also city guests, who are always many. An interesting place in the English Garden – Chinese Tower and the so-called Tea House, built in the Japanese style. Here you can get acquainted with the features of the tea ceremony, and near the house is a small Japanese garden.

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Wedding in Cadu restaurant

The restaurant Cadu is located not far from Ludwigskirch. In the restaurant Cadu you should definitely try good hamburgers and pasta. Order pancakes and an imperial omelet. And, of course, you can drink good beer or delicious cappuccino here. Also in the restaurant Cadu you can enjoy a delicious dinner on the outdoor terrace. And you will make sure that there is a great service!

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