Wedding photographer Hofgarten

Framed in autumn tones

Kristina and Boris · Wedding in Munich, Germany

The Bavarian autumn played skillfully on the side of this delightful couple, discreetly highlighting their genuine emotions with its backgrounds. That is why Kristina and Boris’ whole photo series shines with a translucent warm light, that only autumn settings can generate. Enjoy!

Church: Saint Mary’s church in Thalkirchen
Shooting location: Hofgarten
Party venue: Asam-Schloessl

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Autumn wedding report in Hofgarten, Munich

Any wedding photographer in Munich will agree that photographing an autumn wedding is a special and extraordinary aesthetic pleasure. Hofgarten is the right place for it. The magnificent colors of nature in autumn best convey the full range and depth of emotions that two loving hearts experience. Many couples in love are planning to get married in the fall. The magnificent colors of autumn will create the perfect background for your wedding ceremony. The bride’s white dress will seem incredibly white against the background of red and yellow shades of autumn leaves. And the groom’s restrained costume will show him as a true knight and gentleman against the background of the unique autumn paint riot. Favorite element for autumn wedding photos are leaves, which convey the full range of colors of the rainbow. The bride and groom can walk on the carpet of bright autumn leaves, dance a waltz among fallen leaves and collect the most beautiful bouquets. Colorful bouquets of autumn flowers, which flourish in abundance at this time of year, have a special depth and saturation of color and create an amazing atmosphere of a great feast in your wedding photos, making them original and unforgettable.

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