Wedding planning tips

Assemble the puzzle to unfold the magic of your wedding

Wedding planning tips

A wedding is like a big puzzle waiting to be assembled into a beautiful picture. This comparison encompasses two important aspects of the wedding planning. On the one hand, none of the puzzle pieces must be missing, which should ultimately result in the picture of an unforgettable wedding celebration.

On the other hand, the infinity of the individual puzzle pieces must fit together, so that the overall picture is exactly the one you dreamed of. All the elements of a wedding must be perfectly interlocked to unfold the true magic of the celebration. And there are a lot of puzzle pieces at a wedding. Starting with basic things like the date, location and guests, deciding upon crucial things like whether to have a religious or a civil ceremony, and not overlooking obvious things like catering, a band or a DJ and a wedding photographer, and caring for the small but important details like the bridal bouquet and the table decorations. For part of these tasks you will inevitably have to hire a professional and Fixando can help you find the right one for each of your needs. You can for example easily choose a wedding DJ in Munich, who will support you with the sound and musical design of your party.

Choosing the right professionals to support you at your wedding, will allow you to enjoy the sweet taste of the wedding preparations, keeping an eye on the big picture, without getting lost in too much time-consuming detail work.

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