Bavarian wedding dress

A bride is not necessarily dressed in white

Wedding in Burghausen castle · Anna and Erhard

Who said a bride should only be dressed in white? Tradition and originality can go hand in hand at a wedding, especially if it is an Austrian one. This beautiful couple in traditional garments looked amazingly harmonious in the interiors of the ancient building of the Burghausen town hall. And the historical setting of the longest castle in Europe built the perfect background for their traditionally flavoured wedding.

Registry office: Rathaus Burghausen
Shooting location: Burghausen Castle
Restaurant: Burg-Cafe Burghausen

Bavarian wedding dress
A bride is not necessarily dressed in white
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Burghausen Castle, Bavaria

Wedding in Burghausen castle

Burghausen Castle is definitely one of the most beautiful and exciting places in the world for your wedding. With a length of more than 1000 meters, the Burghausen Castle is the longest defensive fortress in Europe. It is located on the top of a small mountain range between the Salzach and Wertsee Rivers and rises above the Bavarian city of Burghausen of the same name. With its mighty walls, protective moats, bridges over the ring wall, and massive residential and household buildings with watchtowers, the castle is still a unique monument of medieval architecture and serfdom – a direct testimony to the strength and power of the Bavarian dukes. In 1180, the castle was taken over by the Wittelsbach family. The Burghausen Castle served both as court residence and as a home for widows, and was used as a prison for privileged prisoners, as well as a treasury. The fortress was founded in 1255 by Duke Henry XIII, and in the 14th century the construction of watchtowers was completed along the length. During the reign of Duke George in 1475 Burghausen Castle became the largest and most impregnable fortress of the country. Together with the inner courtyard and five atriums, the architectural ensemble of the castle consists of six courtyards surrounded by buildings, each of which had its own function and together with the tower, moat and bridge was an independent part of the castle. The castle was restored in 1896. In 1960, significant work was done to restore the entire castle complex. At present, the castle has a museum exposition.

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