Rustic Wedding

Rustic setting for a cosy wedding

Rustic Wedding · Karin and Andi

Cosy rustic locations, satisfying all the criteria for hosting a romantic wedding are not a common thing to find. Which does not mean impossible. Katrin and Andi celebrated their wedding on the lands of Gut Georgenberg, a historical bio farmhouse, which developed an impeccable event infrastructure. From the Church to the garden and the dining spaces, everything here breathes the air of nature and cosiness, suiting so well the tenderness of this affectionate couple.

Church: St. George’s church, Gut Georgenberg
Shooting location: Gut Georgenberg
Restaurant: Gut Georgenberg

Rustic Wedding
Rustic Wedding · Gut Georgenberg


Gut Georgenberg Manor with its historic buildings and its own church is a special place that is especially suitable for weddings. The church is dedicated to St. George and is one of the oldest in the area. It was built in 810 and is located at the top of a hill overlooking the foothills of the Alps. The cozy and romantic atmosphere of the church is a touching part of any wedding ceremony. The church is Catholic and Protestant, but there are no denominational restrictions. So it does not matter what religion you belong to. You can invite a theologian or priest of your choice to the wedding ceremony. In front of the chapel there is a baptismal font, which is illuminated by the sun from the southeast window.

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Rustic Wedding

Milling hall

The threshing hall, a former hay and grain warehouse, is a pearl of Bavarian carpentry with a beam structure that gives it an indescribable atmosphere and a sense of coziness and safety. Its area is 300 m2 and its height is 7 m. This hall is ideal for weddings and family celebrations. Celebrate until early morning in our large, ultra-modern hall. The hotel also has several guest suites, so you do not have to come home after the party.

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